WhatsApp is to make these five settings, maybe you will not know

Whatsapp is the world’s most popular messaging app, in which new features are added by the company from time to time. And there are many features that people do not know about, but it is very important for your whitsupp. Http://i1-news.softpedia-static.com Today we are going to tell you some settings in whatsupts which can be very important to you and which most people ignore. Perhaps they do not know about this if you run Whitsupup then read this news carefully because if you are okay to make this chat once, you can teach your friends also. Status privacy The first option in this is the status privacy setting, as you all know that you place your favorite status on your whitsupp. If you do not want anyone to see your status, you can set the status privacy settings. You get 3 options in it. The first option is available. Your status will be visible to only those people whose contact number is saved in your mobile. And the second option is My Context Accepted. The person you want will see your whitsup status and the third option is share only. You can set the setting in your convenience accordingly. Two step validation The second setting is Two Step Verification, this setting lets you prevent your WhatsApp from being hacked. Nowadays there are many third-party applications in the market, with the help of which your Whitesupup can be easily hacked. If you set this two step verification in your mobile, then your mobile can be saved from hacking your whitespace. Auto download The third setting is auto download. Many times our friends send us a very long file which automatically downloads in our Whotsup. And our data goes full and the file we do not even need. That’s why you should go to the settings of your Whitsup and click on Data Usage option and stop auto downloading inside it. So that you will not automatically download any files in the Whitspace, click the one you want to download and leave the rest.

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