See this version of whatsapp latest features

See this version of WhatsApp Latest features, such installs Gadget desk Every day on WhatsApp or say every Week comes with some new feature updates. but These features are available near common WhatsApp users It’s too late to reach. If you want this The feature can be used first. For this you have to do a small work. You your Beta version of WhatsApp in phone download Have to do. After installing it in the phone For the latest features of WhatsApp Do not wait too much. New features to come for testing Any feature of WhatsApp First, this feature / update The test is done. For this Updates are brought on the first beta version. Feature’s Testing on this version During which time something in the feature If there is a deficiency, then it can be changed. How to Install Beta Version You beta version of WhatsApp Google Play Will get from the store. You install it from Google Play Store To do. It’s totally free. This is the only app of WhatsApp. In the phone After installing, you get new WhatsApp Features will be available first. By visiting this link you also get to beta Can become testers. Https:// Apps / testing / com.whatsapp

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