Seven habits people being happy

Happy dwellers The 7 Habits Friends, innate nature of man to be happy it happens . After a small child often happy lives ? Why do we say that childhood days life are the best days? because we HAPPY Birth occur; -Like Like We grow our environment, Our Impurity in our society starts to dissolve … .and Impurity is gradually So that increases the level of happiness natural state sadness in the natural state Seems to change. But it all with No In the world Many people Happy are those who stay find and retain the natural state Life- Living a happy time. If a person always smiling? No, like others, their Pain-pleasure in life Came and remains, usually a Person not in vain worries And often have to laugh and be happy -muskurate Are. So the question that arises when they stay happy So can everyone else why Not? After all, his Which habits are such that they The tension between worldwide Keeping too happy Now! Today, through this article with you 7 Habits of people being happy to share You might also want to be happy So please help us to know the seven habits: Habit 1: search for good living happy evil No : Human beings of the natural tendency They are to negativity To catch up. Psyrcholojists The tendency to “Negativity bias” says. Most people who lack in others Take a look in her early And pay much attention to the goodness But not every one of you smiling In everything, the good in every situation Search, they believe that is the best it happens . Any person Goodness is easy to see, just you yourself To a question, that is, “Why is it Person good? “, And sure Know Many of you experience your brain And things of that person will be counted I will look good-looking. One more thing, you just have goodness in people Not only is find But in every situation, you stay positive And what is in it is good it is to see. For example, if you have a job In the interview, if not select You should think that you probably Bagwan Good job for him Sooner or later, you laid Will, and you Experienced person may ask , They also tell you why. Habit 2: Pardon me know and happy living Also apologize: Everyone has their own -apana ego, -anjane Others who might be hurt by. On Happy living things small pearl I am sorry he is not wearing the heart Know, not only to others but also Himself. And vice versa, if such a Is a mistake, he Apology from Do not hesitate. They know that in vain The complex will make their life ego So he “Sorry” speech ever Do not skimp. with me Even when the fault occurs If I ever justify And it does not try to Accept’ll apologize. I am sorry and apologize to your brain Lightens, you stupid Confused and disturbing thoughts Prevents, and as a result you are happy Are. Written by a crest G. Behetrin article “Why is forgiveness Necessary “with you before I I had the same share. This Article Your understanding of forgiveness Can improve, be sure to read it. Habit 3: Happy people surrounding a living While strong support system develop: The support system is based on two pillars Family & Friends (F & F). In life To be happy is a major contribution of F & F is . Even if you have the wealth of the world Get fame, but not the F & F You no longer so happy Will remain. These can be very obvious to you Thing started, it’s engaged You are also very good friends And a loving family, but this Think on some seriously. with you How many friends do, without you Any hesitation night 3 pm The phone can take the tax or Never take financial help That? Family and friends of the Never for granted Should not have a strong to create a relationship with your interests Has to look upward. , Other have to care, and They must genuinely like. As much as To improve your relationships, short – Little things such as Birthday to wish, to congratulate true accolades To meet smiling, warm Handshake, hug your relationship becomes closer is . And when you do so in return And you get the same Your life happy makes . Habit 4: living happy, your mind works Or who work in it, their minds: If you are of your interest, your mind works He then definitely your Happiness Quotient increase, but most people are so are not lucky, they such their job or have to embark in business interest not accounted for Do. People living happy on the job Let him put his mind to take, She is even parallely Been trying to get the dream job. I often do that job where people heard of the evil company, its Work is the world’s most useless thing heard, That’s your life and It is also difficult. Happy Living Their work is not evil Do they focus on the positive aspects And let her enjoy. However, here I would like to say that if this course We see then that the world’s most prosperous people The same people who would work in your mind Because if you’re doing it to enjoy, to learn from her Steve Jobs is good at ‘Words also Remember: “Your work, your A big part of life, and truly- The only way to be satisfied If you do that you really have a big-Lieutenant.Really … And to understand the work of a big job The only way you If you do not enjoy what they do. ” Habit 5: happy every living thing that Do not believe them Come to mind: According to our everyday brain Scientists 60,000 thoughts produce, and a In the case of these masses There are many thoughts negative. If you thousands of daily negative your brain If the feed so hard to be happy thoughts Bound to happen. So happy living person Bad thoughts come to mind for too long, Do not flourish. That benefit of doubt To know, they can know what they Are thinking it’s wrong that they’re bad sense That would be good. The person becomes so relax Is, in fact, according to our thinking chemical release in the brain that are Our moods are happy or unhappy. When you have negative thoughts assume the truth Your blood pressure rises and You are tensionize While On the other hand, when you doubt If you inadvertently turn give a signal to the brain to stay relaxed. Habit 6: happy living person Work life or a big Aimed see adding: Once an old woman somewhere That came from Then he noticed a three workers Seen to building. He first asked the workers, ” What are you doing? “,” See I’m not carrying bricks. “He responded to . Then he went to the other workers and Much the same question, ” What are you doing? “” I feed my family Hard to raise – to wages Am? “Came the reply. Then the third worker And again the same question , “You’re doing what?, The man replied with enthusiasm, “I I am making this city of temples ” You can imagine that these three Who will be the most happy! Friends, like the laborer Happy person living your work Looking to add a large object , And make sure you do them Apar Gladly gives. I do so Also because I am unable to say AchhiKhabar.Com anything Similarly, I see. I think it I -krodon millions of people through this site Improve life I can . I always try That how the best of Readers to share the things that do life Positive changes to come, and perhaps That is the reason that I work I never get tired and it Am really very happy and satisfied to do. Habit 7: happy living person for the things in life Blames himself: Be happy to know the person responsibility Are. If something bad happens to them, he it do not blame others, but themselves To blame for it. For example: If they are late for office so traffic but they think the curse is jam That should get a little earlier. Credit of his success to others even if But his failure to give himself Believed responsible. With you The bad things Blames others in your Anger comes when you blame yourself When you are little and disappoint Then to make things right Are involved in the effort. I’m myself Everything that happens in your life A good – bad I blame myself for everything. In others by this my fault energy To find a place to improve themselves In looks, and ultimately My happiness increases. Friends, you may have some of these things whether partially or perhaps already follow Completely . On a Habit too little themselves He will also definitely improve Increase your happiness. Personally, I’m sorry to part Habit 2 Aims to improve. So let’s all of us together – And increase your Happiness Quotient To live a happier life Effort