If you have written on your ATM card, you can get it 15 lakh rupees, check it quickly News Name

If you are also undergoing a lot of money, you can earn a lot of money in this manner, but you should have some special, tell that if you have a special bank account ATM, then you have a special way You can earn a lot of money, just for that you have to go through a process. read this also : Let us state that the country’s largest bank ICICI has launched a new facility to give personal loans to its customers, in fact the bank is providing instant loans from ATMs, so you should have relations with this bank. Let us know that this facility is being given to a select group by the bank. read this also : If you are also suitable for this facility of bank, you can get this information during ATM withdrawal. Explain that as soon as you withdraw money from the bank’s ATM, the ATM will be written on the screen that a personal loan can take a loan under the scheme. read this also : If you press the button taking the loan at the same time, the bank will immediately put 15 lakh rupees in your account, and the loan period will be five years. And this facility has been done, customers will get various options of loan amount, along with interest rate, processing fee, monthly installment like details on the screen.

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