Good news for Whatsapp user one phone in four account

If you have more than one in your phone Whatsapp Account If you want to run it is possible. You can do this without changing the mobile number in the same Android smartphone. You do not have to have a trick in your mobile phone, not just 2 but with 4 different numbers 4 Whatsapp Account Can run. You can do this with the same SIM. However for once you have to do your verification. Here we are telling you about the same truck from which you can run 4 Whitespace account in the same phone without changing the number. Run such a phone in 2 Whatsapp Account First of all, install the parallel space multi account app by visiting Google Play Store. – When this app downloads, you will see a new interface. Two options have been given to the Home screen in which Incognito installation And there will be control center. Here’s a downward slide on the home screen. Plus sign Will look. Click on it. After that the app will give you many options. Out of it Whatsapp Select this app – After this the app will ask for installation in the same way as if it is asked at the official Whatsapp installation. Verify the number in this app. After this, you can run two WhatsApp accounts in the same phone. Run such a phone in 3 Whatsapp Account – Two WhatsApp accounts are set up in your phone. After this, to set up the third WhitsAP account Disa Install the free app of the name from Google Play Store. – The installation process will start when you open this app. Press the Next button to do this. Finally click on the Agri to terms and conditions. – Then click on Add Services. There will be separate service list here. Select the Whatsapp service select and install the new app. – After this, the WhatsApp app will be restarted once the plugin is installed. Once restarted, there will be a no need for WhatsApp settings – click on it. After clicking on the settings, your number name and MCC and MNC code will be asked for the WhatsApp account. Search Google for your operator’s MCC and MNC code. After this, you will worship Verification in the last step. Click on Verify through SMS in it. After this, your phone will also have a third Whatsapp account. Run such a phone in 4 Whatsapp Account – Download the GB Whatsapp name app for this. This app will not be available on the Play Store but you will get an APK. If you are installing this file for the first time in your phone, then you will get an unnecessary source error. You can set this by going to Settings. After this, you can set up 4 fourths WhatsApp app in the phone.

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