Love is not difficult to accept, adopt these best ways to say 'I Love you'

Why is it that if you want someone, there are so many, but you can not explain in front of him how much space is there for him in your heart. Many times you try but keep doing the talk. Today we will tell you the exact ways of saying I Love You, so your love will be yours forever. 1. Whenever I see you, I consider myself the most fortunate. 2. If you talk about your favorite thing, then it is ‘Y-O-U’. 3. Without you I can not even imagine my life. 4. I can never forget what I do for my happiness. 5. I can not wait to spend my remaining life with you. 6. You look so beautiful that my eyes are not moving. 7. In this world, you are the only one with whom I can spend life laughing. 8. I am not even aware that both of us have been created for a couple. 9. You are the light of the morning and the moonlight of the night. 10. Whenever I wake up, there is a new smile on my face that you have the pleasure of spending a day with me. 11. You are the best girl in this world. 12. I can not do anything more than this I love you and will love you.