7 tips to improve your brain power in just a few days

These 7 techniques to improve brain power 1. Eat Right The foods that you eat and do not eat play an important role in your memory. Fresh vegetables are essential, such as healthy fats and sugar and grain carbohydrates. 2. Exercise Exercise encourages your brain to work on optimal capacity by stimulating brain cells, strengthening their differences and protecting them from damage. 3. Stop Multitasking Multicasking is used for many decades to describe the parallel processing capabilities of computers, multitasking is now likely to have rhythm for human efforts to do as many things as possible. Ultimately, multitasking actually slows you down, makes you risk of errors and also forgets you. 4. Get a good night’s sleep Google.com Research from Harvard indicates that after sleeping, there is a possibility to estimate 33% more among the forward-looking related ideas, but some people know that their performance has really improved. Sleep is also known for enhancing your memories and improving your performance of challenging skills and helping you. In fact, one night of sleep for only four to six hours can affect your ability to think clearly next day. 5. Play Brain Games If you do not challenge your mind adequately with new, surprising information, then it eventually starts to deteriorate. What research shows us in the flexibility of the brain, however, is that by providing your brain with proper stimulation, you can resist this degeneration. 6. A New Skills Master Google.com Engaging in “purposeful and meaningful activities” stimulates your nervous system, affects the effects of stress related illnesses, reduces the risk of dementia and enhances health and well-being, improves your brain function or functional degradation The important factor needed to backtrack is the severity of the purpose with which you engage in one task. 7. Try Random Devices Random devices help you remember memory, words, information or concepts. They help you remember in the format to organize the information.

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